Monday, June 18, 2012

Do you want to Make Money Online?

Do you want to Make Money Online?

Well, it has never been easier with Many people have found that they can transform the content they write online into a revenue stream. is an upload site which features one of the highest payout rates around. Our site also includes high-tech features and unique tools to help you earn cash. We are powered by the latest technology in HTML5 and jQuery. We provide a smooth interface to work in, and we ensure the end product you deliver your users is nothing short of professional. is committed to helping you make money online. Visit out site and see for yourself!

The pay-per-download industry has really taken off in the last few years. As the Internet and worldwide web have evolved so have pay-per-download sites. The web has given individuals the power to do what, a decade ago, only a well-staffed and highly capitalized organizations could do. pay-per-download sites such as enable persons to create a significant source of revenue with very little money and no staff. Time and access to the web are the only resources you need to begin your service today. offers those who want to make money online the opportunity to do so. If you have ever wondered whether you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, you can find out by joining the pay-per-download industry. This industry, like many web-based industries, is changing the very nature of entrepreneurship. One need not go through the process of crafting elaborate business plans and chasing after venture capital firms in order to go into business. The web makes it simpler to earn your livelihood. You can make money online and take greater control of your financial future.

There are many advantages to using You can utilize our widget generator to create an effective jquery powered file gateway you can put on any site you own. And you can take advantage of our analytic tools to keep track of your earnings and page views. We also realize that many of those who want to make money online are new to this kind of operation, so we've made things easier: if you don't have a website of your own, you can make use of our pre-programmed download landing page. We have tested our site exhaustively, and we can say with confidence that our download system cannot be bypassed, so you don't have to worry about losing earnings because of auto-downloaders, survey bypassers, and other cheaters. makes it easy for you to do get set up an operation online and make money from it. Turning content into cash is mostly about networking and being able to utilize the right web technologies. can help you with all of these things. We offer a convenient service with the latest technology to help you succeed.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Get Unlimited Keywords and URL SEO

Get Unlimited Keywords and URL SEO

Unlimited Keywords & Unlimited URLs Package
$119 per month

Are we insane? Yes, we are in a good way. We are raising the bar for all SEO companies out there. This is how confident we are with our service.

We specialize in IT logistics management, backlink building, and database management. We have the know how and the expertise to pull this off.

We stay away from the following:

1)    Fiverr link builders - 99% use a software and they leave footprint for Google to follow. They only provide limited or temporary ranking if at best. Been there done that.

2)    A typical SEO software such as AMR, SeNuke, or whatever - All these software use the same account or create links from the same garbage articles. Any site that accepts garbage spinning is destined to become blacklisted by Google. Trust me.

They are working on it.

3)    Private network - While they do provide ranking value, they can be targeted by Google. Once Google finds class C subnet and linking pattern behind it, Google will ban the entire network just like BMR network. Google can easily do the reverse IP trace.

4)    Article directory network - Article marketing works but we've discovered a problem. If you submit to the same sites over and over again, Google will know you are trying to game the system. A popular site will be linked randomly from different blogs with class C subnets and bookmarking sites over time. Google is extremely good at detecting patterns as they have MIT mathematics professors as their team leaders. We have multiple sources of information and many of them work closely with Google engineers.

 Most link builders concentrate on pagerank but Google has caught on to this. Lately, several major link building networks have been severely penalized by Google. Concentrating on high pagerank can leave footprints since too perfect link building campaigns can raise a red flag. For this reason, we concentrate on growing IPs over time with a variety of pagerank values from different networks.

Educational institution websites typically end with .edu extension. All the SEO experts will tell you that any backlinks coming from them will increase Google's trust factor and your site will be rewarded with higher ranking. We have partnered up with SEO experts who specialize in creating .edu backlinks. Once the backlinks are created, we'll ping them    EDU

to ensure Google discovers them. These are contextual .edu blogs, not no follow comments created using a software.

After looking into various pinging services, we recognized we needed to create a proprietary pinging system to accommodate our unique requirements. Our servers test hundreds of pinging servers on the net daily and select only the 50 fastest. Once the pinging servers are selected, we only ping the backlinks marked for each day. This process ensures search engines will discover backlinks automatically and gradually over time.

Automated ininging System
Google is keen at looking at social signals for ranking. All of our social bookmarking backlinks are created by the real people with genuine social bookmarking site accounts.

This ensures natural IP range growth over time and the links look appealing to major search engines. These naturally created backlinks mean no artificial footprint for Google to penalize.
We Use Real People For Social Bookmarking Backlinks, 

Not Bots
Article directory submission is a staple of every SEO campaign. Unfortunately, submitting to the same network of sites can leave footprints since these sites are targeted by internet marketers and spammers with automation software. We have integrated Rank Hopper with the next generation article directory which grows naturally in IP range since all the participating sites are owned by the writers and webmasters themselves.

Per every keyword, our writers create a unique article and it gets submitted after a stringent inspection process.

Our Article Link Building is Unique
What's our secret sauce? It is no secret really.

Let's think for a moment what Google really wants. Google is basically looking for a popular site. Let's look at some of the characteristics from a link building perspective.

1)    Links will grow naturally, not just in count but with IP range as well. This is where most link builders miss and gets tricky.

2)    Links will be bookmarked with social bookmarking sites. The kicker is they need to come from different accounts and no detectable growth pattern associated with it.

3)    Most of the links need to be contextual since that's how a popular site will be referenced.

We have found a way to mimick a popular site's linking pattern. This is what Google likes and you'll be shielded from whatever animal Google may throw at you. It doesn't matter whether it is a cow, monkey, or even chicken.

Affected By Google Penguin Update? I've Got The Highest Quality Backlinks For Your Website

Affected By Google Penguin Update? I've Got The Highest Quality Backlinks For Your Website

“Whitehat Backlinks To Bailout Your Website From Penguin Update And Catapult The Rankings Back!”

Get 50 High quality, High authority Backlinks for your website in next 24 hrs. You can easily outsource this.

I have done backlinking to all my sites and my client sites using these websites and they rank first page for their keywords. The websites are not affected by the Penguine update because of the quality of the backlinks. Im presenting you the same backlinks I use to rank my Websites.

► High PR website backlinks, home page PR from PR4 to PR9
► Combination of both do follow and no follow
► Combination of both anchor text and plain links
► Highly authoritative sites like and the likes
► Outsourcable xls file so you can outsource the job to Fiverr
► More…

        These Backlinks Are For You If …
        • Your website was affected by Google Pengiun update
        • You want your website to rank in Google
        • You need more link diversity to improve the overall quality score for Google
        • Your website was sandboxed because of the low trust factor
        • You have a new site that needs a boost of ranking


Earn $1500+ Daily Directly Into Your PayPal Account - 100% GUARANTEED !!!!!

Earn $1500+ Daily Directly Into Your PayPal Account - 100% GUARANTEED !!!!!

The above is a screenshot of my PayPal account for 1 single project (22nd May, 2012), where I have earned $300 - You can easily run 5 projects to earn $1500/day directly into your PayPal.

The method is very simple for newbies and even Pros can make use of this method - the PDF is only of 2-pages, so you can understand how to the point & easy it is.

This method is 100% unique and 100% hand-written by me - you will not find any copies anywhere in the Internet.

If you follow the method mentioned in the PDF properly, then daily PayPal cash is a must have for you.

This is NOT :

1. CPA,
2. Adsense,
3. Adwords,
4. Tweeter.
5. Facebook.
6. Fiverr.
7. So on .....


We provide you 100% guarantee that you will earn $300+ daily PayPal cash per project and so you can easily pay the $39.99 fee.

The method is applicable to all the countries, where PayPal is accessible. Also where PayPal is not accessible, you can use alternate methods of receipt of payments.

1. The method is not saturable.
2. The method is WhiteHat.
3. The method is just a one-sentence method and the method is elaborated with some tools required. The eBook is just 2 pages, so I can not give away any details.