Thursday, May 24, 2012

Site Finder Pro

Site Finder Pro

The way Site Finder Pro works is that it collects a ton of data on the backend through Flippa's API we had to get special access to and then sorts it all for you in an easy-to-digest format. This software scans each and every site to get real, hard data such as:

Auction Start Time 
Auction End Time 
Current Price 
Reserve Met
Buy It Now Number Of Bids 
How Old Is The Site 
Seller Name


But that's not such a big deal is it?
What's really cool is when you click the little green plus button on  the right side of each site, a whole universe of information about _ the site is available at your fingertips such as:

Page Rank
Pages Indexed By Google
Google Analytics
Verification Advertising Revenue
Affiliate Revenue
Product Revenue
Email List

This Shortens Your Research Time From An Hour To Just a Few Minutes!
Then there's even more info about how the owner is making money from the site. It will tell you if if s being monetized with any of the following:

This Way You Never Have To Trust An Unknown Seller's Stats...

You Can See The Cold, Hard Facts For Yourself!

With all this info available at the click of a mouse, you can tell at a glance whether a site is worth buying or not. Instead of trawling around searching for the information for days, within a single hour you can easily comb through a few hundred sites and have some real winners on your hands. Of course you can export all the Flippa data as an Excel file if you need to as well.

Unearth Hundreds Of Hidden, Gold-Nugget Sites

with Huge Traffic and Income...

That Nobody Even Knows About!

There's more to life than living on the computer

Make a few bucks! Take advantage of what technology
do.. .let Site Finder Pro reveal the best sites so you leapfrog past your competition almost immediately!
Nothing beats good ol' hard work and it will probably always be a challenge to find the best sites on Flippa. However, it makes no sense to do something the way when it can be automated and done in a fraction time...


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