Monday, May 28, 2012

Free VPN Account

 You can find the VPN details they are providing. They offer free PPTP VPN service. No ads and no client software is needed. They change the VPN password every 30 minutes. They say your connection will not be affected if you have already connected to their VPN server. It is costly to run free VPN service on a dedicated server, so please don’t use free VPN for P2P download.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Auto Pinterest Marketer

Hi there fellow internet marketers,

Chances are that, as an internet marketer or business person, you have probably heard of Pinterest and know how powerful this new social networking site can be for one's business.

As you may know, Pinterest is a Social Networking site, like Digg, Facebook and Twitter, but the main focus of it is to share pictures on Pinboards. You can also get followers, who see all your pins and pinboards and can follow them.

These "pinsn can quickly be "repinned" commented on, liked, shared and more.

You can also add comments and descriptions, with URLs, on your pins and your repins and all your followers will see your pins, that could link back to your site or affiliate offers.

This means that your pins, that are linked to your sites and offers, can easily go VIRAL for massive traffic and exposure for your business.

The true power of Pinterest lies in it's viral nature...

•••and because people are visually inclined, they ENJOY looking at pictures and like sharing them with their friends and like-minded individuals.

This makes for unlimited marketing potential!

More and more internet marketers and business owners, online and offline, are realising that if they dorVt get on board this Pinterest money-making train they are going to be left in the dust by their competitors.

Pinterest has become so massive that it gets more traffic than Google+, Twitter and Youtube!

Have a look at these traffic stats!
February 2012 All Traffic Sources Report
Source    Share of Visits • January    Share of Visits • February
Google (Organic)    48.9%    48.81%
Direct    19.44%    18.20%
Facebook (Referral)    6.92%    6.38%
Yahoo (Organic)    1.60%    1.61%
StumbleUpon (Referral)    1.30%    1.29%
Pinterest (Referral)    .85%    1.05%
Bing (Organic)    1.24%    1.21%
Google (Referral)    .68%    0.91%
Twitter (Referral)    .88% 1.82%   

Look at the massive exponential growth of the amount of unique visitors that Pinterest generated last year...
This is by no means a fading trend.

Look at the increase of amount of traffic this Year, in 2012, alone!

You should strike while the iron is HOT!

If you are not marketing your sites, affiliate offers and products on Pinterest yet, you are simply leaving too much money on the table.

You can easily understand why you NEED to seriously consider harnessing the awesome power of Pinterest for your business...

Marketing your sites on Pinterest is quite easy to begin with, but...

There are a few major problems when marketing on Pinterest:

Searching for relevant images on the web, to Pin on Pinterest, is very time consuming.

Building a large targeted following on Pinterest can take ages!

Manually Pinning hundreds of niche related images, with good descriptions, is exhausting.

Finding lots of niche related boards to Follow, pins to Comment on and Like is hard work.
You get distracted when browsing the Pins and waste hours of time-
You can
You have to put in hours of HARD WORK each day to successfully market your site on Pinterest to see significant traffic...

Busy marketers like ourselves dor't always have that much time to spend marketing our products and sites.

That is why I have searched for a solution to this problem, so that we can harness all the marketing power of Pinterest without doing all the hard work manually...

After lots of research, testing and developing…

I have finally found the solution these Pinterest Marketing problems and today I want to share it with YOU!
I have created a powerful software tool that automatically markets vour site on Pinterest!

This means that you can finally sit back and let someone (or something, in this case) take over and promote and market your site on Pinterest, driving viral traffic on command and making you more sales, while vou do almost NOTHING…
Watch this demo video for a quick tour of Auto Pinterest Marketer to

see what it can do:

"Auto Pinterest Marketer" Software
This awesome standalone Windows based Software application will automate almost all the features on Pinterest so that you can market your sites and offers on Pinterest, almost hands free.

You can literally press a few buttons and let this software run on autopilot, driving traffic to your offers and making you more money.

This powerful "Auto Pinterest Marketer" software will:

Quickly find UNLIMITED Keyword-targeted images on the internet and automatically Pins them to your boards with part of their original description intact and your own added spinnable relevant desciption, linking the Pin to your own URL

Search for Keyword-targeted Pins on Pinterest and automatically repins them to YOUR OWN boards, with YOUR OWN description and links. (Spin Syntax enabled).

Gets you thousands of niche specific Followers in no time, by automatically Following keyword-specific boards and people, getting them to follow you back.

Automatically adds comments to keyword-targeted Pins. You can spin these comments to make them seem unique and add your own links for massive exposure and more traffic.

Quickly likes unlimited amount of keyword-related Pinboards and Pinners. This allows for more exposure for you and your pins.
Video Tutorials & Training

I "Marketer
With this software, I don't leave you in the dark. I show you step by step how each feature of the software works. You would be able to use this software to market on Pinterest even if you have never used Pinterest or any kind of software before. It's dead easy!

The videos include a screencapture tutorial video showing you how to download, install, verify and setup the Software quickly.

Then there are 5 extra screencapture videos, each one explaining each feature on the Software and shows you how to use it to maximize your benefit with this software.

I also give you some awesome tips on how you can increase your traffic and profits with Auto Pinterest Marketer.

If you order Auto Pinterest Marketer, you get unlimited lifetime access to the Membership Area where you will have access to:

The newest version of the Software, as well as any updates that will be released in the future.

Troubleshooting section and full support area.

The video tutorials and training, as well as any additional training that may come out later.

^ A step by step Quick Start guide to start using your software.

Access to optional Upgrades that will help you to maximize your earnings from Pinterest.

Access to the affiliate area, as well as bump codes and swipes.

Free bonuses and extras.
Quick Start Guide
This short report will give you a quick guideline on how you should start using the Software. It will contain some quick ideas and strategies on how you can use Auto Pinterest Marketer for bigger profits.
FREE BONUS TIME! How to use Pinterest for your business
To really make sure I over deliver with this product, I give you a FREE bonus report on how to use Pinterest for your business. This FREE BONUS special report will show you how to use all the basics of Pinterest and how to start using it for your business.

It will also give you some helpful ideas and tips to market your business on Pinterest. This will help you even if you have never heard of Pinterest.

This special report will reveal:

How to build your business on Pinterest in a few easy steps.

How Pinterest is different and is it right for your business?

How to find and connect with your niche on Pinterest.

How to get started with Pinterest.
How to start pinning and creating boards for maximum exposure.

Integrating Pinterest with Twitter and Facebook.
How to effectively socialize on Pinterest to benefit your business.

Ideas on how to use Pinterest for marketing your business.

More helpful tips and hints to use it for business.

You can see that I give you everything you need to become successful marketing your business on Pinterest, without spending hours each day. It is a great time save and is super easy to use.

If you are looking for a great hands-free way to drive massive traffic to your offers through Pinterest, you have found the solution to your problems.

You get the software with comprensive video tutorials, unlimited lifetime access to the membership area and a lot more!

YouTube Traffic Secret Revealed

YouTube Traffic Secret Revealed

YouTube is Great, but...

Have you ever been frustrated by the fact that your YouTube videos don't have a clickable link in the video itself?

Have you ever had people message you asking how to get to a product, even though the link is right below the video in the description?

Have you ever found your video embedded on another site with no link at all back to your site?

Have you tried paying adwords to promote your video and received a HUGE bill?

If you said yes to any of these things, this WSO is for you!

In this short video training series, you will learn how to add a clickable advertisement on your videos so viewers can click directly to your site! Not only that, but this clickable link will have a call to action, and it will cost you NOTHING!

You will finally be able to use YouTube to direct traffic right to your website, blog, affiliate link, or anywhere else.


Site Finder Pro

Site Finder Pro

The way Site Finder Pro works is that it collects a ton of data on the backend through Flippa's API we had to get special access to and then sorts it all for you in an easy-to-digest format. This software scans each and every site to get real, hard data such as:

Auction Start Time 
Auction End Time 
Current Price 
Reserve Met
Buy It Now Number Of Bids 
How Old Is The Site 
Seller Name


But that's not such a big deal is it?
What's really cool is when you click the little green plus button on  the right side of each site, a whole universe of information about _ the site is available at your fingertips such as:

Page Rank
Pages Indexed By Google
Google Analytics
Verification Advertising Revenue
Affiliate Revenue
Product Revenue
Email List

This Shortens Your Research Time From An Hour To Just a Few Minutes!
Then there's even more info about how the owner is making money from the site. It will tell you if if s being monetized with any of the following:

This Way You Never Have To Trust An Unknown Seller's Stats...

You Can See The Cold, Hard Facts For Yourself!

With all this info available at the click of a mouse, you can tell at a glance whether a site is worth buying or not. Instead of trawling around searching for the information for days, within a single hour you can easily comb through a few hundred sites and have some real winners on your hands. Of course you can export all the Flippa data as an Excel file if you need to as well.

Unearth Hundreds Of Hidden, Gold-Nugget Sites

with Huge Traffic and Income...

That Nobody Even Knows About!

There's more to life than living on the computer

Make a few bucks! Take advantage of what technology
do.. .let Site Finder Pro reveal the best sites so you leapfrog past your competition almost immediately!
Nothing beats good ol' hard work and it will probably always be a challenge to find the best sites on Flippa. However, it makes no sense to do something the way when it can be automated and done in a fraction time...

Skype Room Automated Profits


Use Skype Groups to generate Recurring Passive Income. Set it and Forget it. Collect your money 

This is extremely important information.
Right now there is an opportunity for you to make a lot of money very quickly with no money out of your pocket. No experience necessary.

All you need to do is accept the premise that you can make money with skype rooms.

Let me tell you. This is something that I have been doing for a couple of years. It amazes me how there is no competition for the strategies taught in this course


You may be asking “what is a skype room?”

If you know this already you can skip this paragraph.

Skype is a free program that you can install anywhere in the world.

It allows you to chat, talk, share pictures, video and many other features.

However, this pales in comparison to the little utilized extremely powerful free tool that is included with your installation of skype.

The skype room feature.

 When set up easily and effectively using this system as your guide, you will be able to pack skype rooms like crazy with super targeted people for ANY niche you would \ike.Thatys right,ANY niche!

All you have to do is quickly create it!

Here's what happens:
take a look at this course.

make as many skype rooms as you want.

get super targeted people into those rooms.


This is KEY.The way to truly make money online is to get passive recurring income. This is your opportunity to make it happen.

Never has there been such a wide open field to play with.

Other than one of my former students there is basically no one doing this outside of the IM niche.

I am going to show you how this opportunity is going to put money in your pocket like nothing you have ever seen.

Are you making the money that you want online right now?

If not,then this tool is a necessity.

There is no excuse. Make the tiny investment in this course and have access to a system that can make you thousands of dollars a month.

I have skype rooms that are paying me for people that are into golf, dog training, fashion. You name it. It doesn’t matter how big or small the niche.

In fact many times the smaller the niche the better. Put away your feelings about certain niches. Just because you may not be into them definitely doesn’t mean you cannot profit from them. You don’t have to know anything about the niches. You are the facilitator. You set it up and it takes on a life of its own. You can take yourself out of it.

Wondering how to get people into the rooms?


Check this out. Over 65% of the people that pay me for my rooms don’t even participate. Let me break it down for you and tell you how powerful this is.

Ever have a gym membership and you didn’t go? Of course not.

You are built like a Greek god and work out seven days a week.

Ok you are in top shape I get it.

But here is the thing... there are tons of people that pay month after month for gym memberships with all of the intention in the world of going to the gym. They will just go next month.

And then the next month happens. The cycle continues.

The same thing happens with many members of your skype rooms.

You get them on auto bill and a large amount of people have every intention of participating but they don’t. However, they keep paying month after month. This means a lot less maintenance for you (There is very little anyway) but you keep getting paid for it.

Of course there are many people that do participate all the time.

That is important and that makes your rooms special and engaging.

You want passionate people that are into that niche. The point is that no matter what the level of participation is you get paid month after month.


It is all explained in the course. For less than the price of a movie ticket these days you can get a proven system that will not only make you money but allow you to make a lot of people happy since you are giving them a platform that they never had before.

Skype rooms are extremely rewarding.


And here is the best part. You get paid for this month after month on automated recurring billing. It is absolutely sweet.
Just like there is a magazine available for any niche you can think of, the opportunity to have a skype room available that pays you month after month is at your disposal.

This is one of the most unique, powerful and simple ideas I have seen in awhile.

As I went over this, I was absolutely blown away at the potential here, and I will be implementing it right away on a particular niche site I have.

Why no one else has really thought of this is a mystery - but sometimes it is the simplest things sitting right in front of our faces that are the hardest to see.

Thanks for opening my eyes, James!

Warriors, if you don't jump on this one, you are REALLY going to miss out... don't let that happen!

Just awesome.